Affirm Lane Services

Our experts are established professionals in broad areas of business and investment management, who provide unique consulting expertise in the areas of strategy, business development, smart asset allocation and management.

Investment Consulting

Affirm Lane provides fact-based and well researched solutions in regard to investment projects of our clients. We have been consulting companies and private investors on the best models, when it comes to exploring and exploiting the opportunities to assure sound investment projects, which can reach their growth potential, and provide expected returns respectively. We believe that strategic asset allocation is the key to a successful investment program.

Business Planning

Affirm Lane provides professional help with building detailed business development models for its clients. We conduct market research, customer surveys, analyze your competitors, determine your pricing strategy etc. All this data is necessary for creating an effective business plan that would outline all aspects of your future company's operations.

Business Strategy Consultancy

Affirm Lane provides services in the area of strategy consulting and management advice. We help companies define their position against their market rivals and customers, create successful change projects that enhance these positions, learn how best to use new technologies to stay one step ahead of competitors, and to manage organisational change that enhances future success.

International Business Development

Affirm Lane is a business consultancy company that specializes in developing international business opportunities for entrepreneurs, organizations, groups and individuals through the use of tailored solutions. With extensive experience in trade agreements on different continents, Affirm Lane can facilitate investments between companies across the globe by identifying synergistic opportunities while minimizing the risk.

Business Startup

Affirm Lane Business Startup provides unique business startup service that combine innovative thinking, breakthrough technologies, and particular skill set developed throughout extensive experience in international corporate environment.

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